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Behind the Facade: Psychologist Lykke Wagner

Lykke Wagner is a trained psychologist with her own practice. She got her degree from University of Copenhagen in 1997. At Lykkes practice, you can receive therapy funded by your health insurance. You simply go to your own doctor and get a referral if it’s necessary. Lykke Wagner previously had a shared practice for 10 years, located in Hillerod. Previously, she was part of a clinic community downtown. When visiting Lykke Wagner, whether you have a referral, or show up by your own initiative, you’ll start out by having an introductory conversation. If the illness is characterized by anxiety, it’s rarely necessary to undergo a long therapy process. Here, a few hours can be enough for the client to feel a significant improvement in their everyday life.Are you on the other hand experiencing more serious issues in life, a half year or one year therapy process can be a possibility.

Lykke Wagner
Lykke Wagner is married to Jesper, and they have three adult children together. Lykke gave birth to the two oldest children when she was still studying at the University of Copenhagen. One of her daughters has been studying in London for a longer period of time.Partly because of this, and because they like the city a lot, Lykke and Jesper visit London very often. There’s a lot to like in the city of London, where life and activity blossoms. It’s not all tourists who get to experience eastern and southern London, and most people don’t understand how big London actually is. Lykke has some suggestions as to what you can do in London. You can visit some of London’s many museums. If you’re into modern art, Tate Modern is an option. Here you can find abstract art in exciting surroundings. Actually, you’re walking around in old, industrial halls. The permanent exhibitions are free, and therefore you don’t have to buy a ticket. Outside, there’s a park where you can read a good book and enjoy food you’ve brought along with you. Chelsea and Kensington are some of the most exclusive places you’ll find in London. If you’re in to English tea and food, you can visit the Kensington orangery. The Englishmen drink their tea with milk and a nice amount of sugar. Along with that goes a sandwich. Coffee has become more and more popular, but this is one of the places where you can get the traditional tea and take a break from busyness and crowded streets.

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